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With over 50 years of experience in the casting industry, REY PROCESOS DE FUNDICIÓN was born with the intention of providing services to administration and construction.
Thanks to our practical, strong, durable and attractive street furniture, we managed to improve our environment, making it a more pleasant and comfortable place.

The experience gained over the years as well as the more advanced professional skills, makes our staff highly qualified, providing our customers with the best possible care.

REY PROCESOS DE FUNDICIÓN is devoted entirely to the creation of roadways covering elements, Frames, Covers, Surface Boxes, Bars, drains, etc. It also works in decorative elements such as Gardeners, Sculptures, Benches, Garbage, Fountains, Tree Grills, Bollards, Covers, Frames, and General Lighting, making our streets, squares and sidewalks, more comfortable and livable spaces.

Our main goal is to provide a quality product, advise our clients and understand what they need to offer the best results for their projects.